Real Name: Edward Sirius
Powers: Enhanced stamina, senses and physical abilities (advanced lycanthrope)
First Appearance: Resplendent Restorers #15 (1979)

Transformed criminal with a taste for blood!

Originally the small-time poison-wielding villain named Pit Viper, Edward Sirius was taken to a secret government facility after his capture at the hand of the Restorers. There, he was experimented on, having part of his genetic code rewritten to incorporate Wolf DNA. At first it seemed as if the experiment was a failure, but after escaping (or possibly being let go), he began to show signs of lycanthropy. During this period, he battled the Restorers as Werewolf. However, the change eventually stabilized, leaving him a wolf-human hybrid with enhanced endurance, excellent physical prowess, and super-keen senses of smell and hearing.

Over time, the wolf side of Sirius has become more dominant; he has become less human in his actions, more feral and savage in his dealings. He has a difficult time fitting into groups where his position and place is not expressly understood and reinforced.



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