Juan Manuel Antionio de Alvarado was a 16th-century Spanish adventurer obsessed with finding the legendary Fountain of Youth. Separated from his company, he wandered through the Central American jungle for days, hopelessly lost and close to death from thirst. Finally, he came into a strange clearing, where an incredibly ancient Indian seemed to be standing guard. Crazed with thirst, Alvarado drank from the pool. The last thing he remembered was the old Indian standing over him as he passed out.


When he awoke, the Indian was gone. He wandered to the nearest settlement, noticing his body seemed to not tire at all during his journey. Upon reaching the nearest village, he discovered the year was 1833; he had slept nearly 300 years.

Half-mad, he wandered as a vagrant through the Americas for the next decade, noticing somehow through the haze that not only did he not age as the years passed, but he was able to recover (in time) from nearly any wound, however grevious. He also noticed his strength had increased to that beyond what any mortal could expect. It seemed de Alvarado had indeed found the Fountain of Youth, but try as he might, he could never again find it.

As the years passed, Alvarado lived the life of a playboy, changing identities and making/losing several fortunes. He was a wartime speculator during the American Civil War. It was during the Spanish-American War that he realized such frivolities had grown to bore him. He would become master of all he surveyed. He would once again be Conquistador.

In over the century since that time, de Alvarado ran or participated in a number of arms deals, conspiracies, assassinations, and more, growing his power. However, his vast criminal network was utterly shattered two decades past by the Restorers, and he once again became a vagrant.

Today, Conquistador has affected the dress he once more. Thought more than a little mad, he has decided to take a more personal hand in his criminal enterprises, though he still employs henchmen to do some of his bidding.

Real Name: Juan Manuel Antionio de Alvarado
Birth Place: Cadiz, Spain
Powers: Immortality, Regeneration, Enhanced Strength
First Appearance: Crossroads Comics Presents #21, 1944


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