Acro-Man is the alias of Simon Radetzky, a former circus acrobat descended from the famed circus families of Europe. He boasts no super-human skills, but his abilities in the field of acrobatics and contortions are nearly unmatched. In battle, he uses these abilities to confound and stun his enemies, attacking from unknown directions or catching bad guys off-balance.

Acro man

Radetzky emigrated to the United State with his Grandma Matilde during his youth, during the heady days of the fall of Communism in Eastern Europe. His parents still perform in Europe, but showed little interest in raising him, as he was considered somewhat of a “late bloomer” in their showbiz-oriented life. However, as a teen, his acrobatic ability began to assert itself, and it was Matilde herself whom taught him many of the secrets of acrobatics that had been in their family for years. After saving his grandmother and her friend from a gang of toughs with his ability, he decide to don the mask of a crimefighter. To make ends meet and augment his grandmother’s Social Security check, he takes a seemingly never-ending parade of busboy and delivery boy jobs.

Although Simon is 100% committed to defeating evil, he is considered a minor hero at best. Before their transformation to evil, he had to be rescued several times by the Restorers when he found himself in over his head. Despite this, as Acro-Man, he will never stop fighting. He realizes his relative shortcomings, but is unwilling to let innocents suffer or his home city fall prey to villainy. Sadly, it seems only a matter of time before he meets his match against an opponent far strong than himself.

Real Name: Simon Radetzky
Birthplace: Bedeciu, Romania
Powers: Acrobatic mastery, fighting ability
First Appearance: Restorers #211


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