Welcome To Cromwell City.

In the early 1930s, with the first reports of superheroes, super-plagues and previously unknown viruses began to affect the superheroes in question. Rather than die, many of the superheroes without family members volunteered to be cryogenically frozen until such time as science was able to resolve their issues.

The first Silver Knight, Ronald Hallax, was able to provide the technology for the government to successfully freeze these heroes. From 1936 onward until the program took its last case in 1995, over two dozen affected supers were successfully cryogenically preserved by this process.

Flash forward to the second decade of the 21st century. Samuel Hallax, the crippled CEO of Hallax Industries (and the now-crippled and retired third Silver Knight), has seen the city’s greatest heroes, The Restorers, turn evil after being corrupted by an artifact known as the Paradox Consciousness. Super villains such as Jabberwock, Uberman, Crimson Knight, Timekeeper, Spectral Terror, Razorwing, and Red Raptor, have all been free to destroy and ravish the town, to say nothing of the organized crime exploits of Boss Kidd. And, of course, there is the threat that the Pact of the Dominant will again rear their ugly head. With little other hope remaining, Samuel Hallax turned to the cryogenic chambers, hoping his serum to cure the super-plagues was a success…

Your character will be one of the cryogenically frozen superheroes of yesterday, thawed and given a crash course in the modern world. You are Cromwell City’s last hope. Somehow, you must forge a team, find a way to exist in this strange new place, and defeat some of the greatest mundane and superhuman threats a city has ever faced. Only a beleaguered police department and a few vigilantes will be on your side, but Samuel Hallax will ensure you have what you need to start your new team.

Your hero could be a pulps 1930s detective with super-senses; a patriot superhero used to punching fascists in WW2; a 1950s All-American used to fighting the Red Menace; a 1960s superhuman team member; a 1970s counter-culture hero fighting “The Man”, a flashy 80s superhero used to living large, or a tortured 90s super-hero, with all the dismaying emotional baggage and angst we’d expect. Or yes, you could be a modern-day hero, tasked with trying to help these heroes of a bygone era somehow adjust. Pick a type, and build a hero. We’re looking for something in the Captain America/Iron Man/Hawkeye or even less range; Superman need not apply.

Cromwell City