Spark Girl

Lizzy Sparks was a normal teenage girl who found she had the ability to harness and control electricity. Becoming legally emancipated before leaving high school, she would move to Cromwell City from the suburbs, living the life of a college scholarship student by day (soccer), and a crimefighter by night.

Spark girl

Spark Girl was a member of the short-lived Teen Restorers. After the team was betrayed by member Blackrazor, she vowed to work solo for the rest of her crimefighting career. She has seen both sides of her identity suffer, as the demands of college and life weigh heavily upon her.

In the present, Spark Girl has kept an extremely low profile, as she feels extremely pressed and outgunned with the current situation in Cromwell City as it is.

Real Name: Elizabeth Ann Sparks
Birthplace: Not given
Powers: Electricity control/projection
First Appearance: Teen Restorers #1

Spark Girl

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